Top Quality People Making Top Quality Handmade Copper Furniture.

Every day since our company’s inception in 1996, our key personnel are immersed in upholding the standards for which Copper Instincts is known. As manufacturers of unique high end furniture and also meticulous freight handlers, our staff is always proactive to the needs of every component of our business. Our clients benefit from our retention of top-caliber people who are dedicated to precision and perfection, and we are always seeking ways to grow and improve.

Copper Instincts’ Staff - 

The Pátzcuaro manager of operations is Alma Reyes. She is bilingual, and her gracious attention to visitors coupled with her excellent communication skills provides a strong face for Copper Instincts’ operations. She orchestrates the procurement of materials, carpenters and copper artisans, and then she integrates the forged iron modules from the blacksmiths in Tonalá. She also supervises the assembly of shipments from south central Mexico for final quality control and consolidation at our warehouse in Tonalá (Guadalajara).

The Tonalá manager of administrative operations is Osiris Cortés. She understands and speaks some English and is the meticulous general administrator for the blacksmith shop, oversees all Copper Instincts orders, and coordinates all international shipments to our clients anywhere in the world. She also greets and assists all visitors to our main furniture showroom.

Our production manager for the blacksmith shop is a talented designer and master finisher for iron production. He has formulated the original iron finishes currently in use and serves as Quality Control Supervisor for the total operation of Copper Instincts. He is an enthusiastic English student, and he welcomes the opportunity to practice with you while introducing you to our products and services.

Home Office:
(210) 568-9822

(800) 613-9832

Bernardo Abarca 2
Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, MEXICO
CP 61600